Report: Presa Canario, Tenerife

  Written by the then president of the Spanish Club of the Presa Canario, Manuel Martin Bethancourt For the island of Tenerife, as well as on other islands of the Archipelago, mainly on Gran Canaria, the Presa Canario was used to guard homes and possessions, the pursuit and repression of cattle called "bovina basto (bovina canaria) as well as fighting dogs - like me that has been believed to be "imported" into the Canary Islands together with the English colonization.

  Keepers of crucifying those dogs without a concept of a specific breed. The only thing you pay attention to, whether their dog is a good keeper and invincible warriors in fights with dogs against which it is exposed. Color did not matter, but there was a predilection for large dogs, brindle, tiger and to a lesser extent, for the fallow in both of these variations occur with white markings on the legs and around his neck. The northern part of Tenerife was the most willing to performances which were pechady - against Pres. Perhaps this was due to that - even today - nightly Tenerife is the place the highest concentration of cattle (Bovina Canaria), which belonged to the taming of dogs. Mainly in the area there was also the name of the Presa Canario "Perro Basto" and "Bordon." Some read the latter as a deformation of the word "bulldog".

Bovina Canaria

Bovina Canaria

Presa Canario w trakcie pracy

  Some of the great breeders of Presa Canario is a Juan El Marchante, Andrés el Peninsular, El Guardian El Ortigal, Gabino, El Caporal, El Guardian of the La Esperanza, and Polo, Luciano Acosta - the owner of a famous dog named Morocco, which he bought from Juan El Marchante and who was nicknamed "El Campeon de Perros de Presa" (champion dogs Presa). The dog was brought to Tenerife from the island of La Palma.


  In Santa Cruz de Tenerife, in a wooden hut was a kind of deposit, in which trained fighting dogs. In the 40s of the XX century, a decree was issued the prohibition of dog fighting, and although some are held occasionally Presa Canario fall into oblivion until the almost complete extinction . This situation is deteriorating dramatically with the influx of new popular races on the island, mostly German Shepherds.

  Also, the conflict in the Spanish Sahara in surprising ways decimated the population. Reconstruction of the race begins in the 70s and progresses slowly but smoothly. In 1975-76, to Tenerife are imported from the three males from the village of Gran Canaria and are Sardina and Felo Monzón, The first, second fawn tabby, as well as their other brother, Firpo fawn color, with deer bitch named Dia



  Has also been imported from Arucas (Gran Canario) couple - Boby the dog and tabby fawn female with a line of Juan Santana - PIBA. Bring these dogs from Gran Canaria and crossing them with Presami old line of Tenerife, which were the source and the Troika, Don Manolo Silverio Mesa, Turca - Don Telesforo Hernandez and others established a new line of blood to the present day.



Manolo, Laika, Troika

  Boby association with the farming and PIBA Irem Curto was born a few litters and their dogs, such as Toby, Viva, Tamay I Tamay II, Patras, Mora and others. In September 1977 years bitch from this litter was mated Tamay Felo dog belonging to the Lord Quevedo. dogs were born, such as Mahan, Beneharo, Guacimara, Guam, and others. Felo bitch then overlaid with the association named Boby-PIBA Mora, and that litter was obtained, such as dogs and Ioya Guancha de Pilar Udias

Beneharo de Irema Curtó

Mahán de Irema Curtó

Toby de Irema Curtó

Tamay de Irema Curtó

Guanche de Pilar Udias

  Manolo, Don Silverio Mesa dog was crossed with a bitch named Gara, which belonged to Mr. Quevedo. This association was born Drago, a dog belonging to a later Muruje del Castillo.


  The dog was later crossed with Mora at Boby and PIBA and the litter born to Jama, urma, and caiman. Urma a dog of unknown origin gave the litter from which they were Bruco and Taco creating a new line. Introduced by the combination of blood bulldog bitch Guam (Felo / Tamay ) Gruñón with a dog (a bulldog from southern Africa). In this connection were born, such as dogs and Campeon Teguise. This took place in March 1980. Elvis, brindle dog with an admixture of German blood Dog was crossed with Tamay II (Boby - PIBA) and this association was born Bardino creating a new line.

  Felo hidden bitch named Jama (Drago - Mora de Irem Curto) and the connection Yaiza Females are born belonging to Don Mario and Montequi Day belongs to Don Joquin Reig. The latter (Day) is covered Bullmastifem. With this combination arises, inter alia, adopting a dog Jacho different type. Mahan (Felo - Tamay I) contains a bitch named Turca derived from the old lines, and so is born Porky establishing a new line. We can say that they are the most significant association for the process of reconstruction of the Presa Canario, Tenerife, until 1982. Since that time the Club Español del Perro de Presa Canario will open its doors bringing together a large part of farmers and giving the Spanish race selection and breeding.

  Begins the next phase of the cross, adding to the already mentioned earlier the new line of dolewką bulldog blood which flowed in the veins, such as dogs and Campeon Teguise. By those trying to add a more powerful hybrid construction where light was therefore, there was a huge diversity. The fruit of these were hybrid dogs like PATAGON, traque, Caporal, Daut, Faycán and other copies of strong construction and good type are still having in mind the diversity this group on the island of Tenerife.

Patagón Traque Caporal Faycan (z prawej)
  In 1984, the crossbred presy with brindle Bullmastifem, also tried with a dog obtained in the intersection Bullmastifa and Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross, although they had but little part in the reconstruction of the breed. He made a test of the Dogo Argentino, which was completely rejected. A few sample photos of other breeds of dogs in the first half of the twentieth century:

Dogue de Bordeaux


Mastino Napolitano

  He made the combination of a bitch Morita (Felo - Mora de Irem Curto) Lirio with a dog belonging to Don Manuel Aleman from Arucas (Gran Canaria), who introduced the blood Masino Neapoletano but the line was discontinued. Let it be a synthesis of the population of Tenerife which represent the following lines Blood:

  Most of the population, an estimated 85%, the most characteristic line continues Boby-PIBA-Felo, refreshed by Bulldog (Gruñón) and a slightly smaller proportion of Bullmastifa refreshed and supported by the German Dog presy the old line.
 Isolated group representing about 5% of the population line Boby Felo-PIBA-Bullmastifem occurring in the first generation to another, and distinguishing phenotype.
Another group representing 5% of the population are descendants of the line Drago-Boby-PIBA of the bitches were later crossed with several males to form a separate group of their own characteristics.
The final 5% is a group derived from random associations.
  As can be deduced from the above materials, when the dog fights in Tenerife completely ceased to exist, there are associations with regard to the phenotype of dogs used for breeding, had in mind the high degree of uniformity in order to improve type. As a result, managed to obtain substantial homogeneity of the existing population, but there were also problems with the nature, structure and dysplasia. At the moment, Spanish Club Perro de Presa Canario is faced with a daunting task to promote the crossing of dogs from both the province of the Canary Islands in order to standardize and improve the type of the Presa Canario in the region.

First published in the gazette Club Español del Perro de Presa Canario
Translated by Muftocka